Dried Ginger 50gm


Dried Ginger 50gm

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Dried ginger is extremely pungent, a strong medicine that clears congestion by burning it away with spicy strength.


Product Description

Dry Ginger- The Zingy Herb

Dry Ginger or dried ginger that hail from the same Ginger, a flowering plant with mass of edible roots which bears the botanical name Zingiber Officinale in the family Zingiberaceae.

Ginger, indigenous to South China spread eventually to the Spice Islands, other regions of Asia and then to West Africa and the Caribbean.

Dry Ginger bears several names colloquially such as Soonth, Saunth, Sukku etc. and it is usually used in its grounded form. The fine fawn powder is a pack of brawny aroma and hot flavour.

Get it’s Form

To get dry ginger in its form, soak the fresh ginger in water and after removing the outer coating, let it have a sun dry. Make out, now its white coated dry ginger.

As a Spice

It is an essential ingredient in yummy gravies, curries, marinades and stews. It is also used in the typical Indian Masala Chai with other spices. It is used to add flavour to ginger breads and to variety of baked dishes like ginger cookies, crackers, ginger ale and ginger candies.

As a Folk Medicine

Get into the kitchen, the dry ginger stored in shelf offers you remedies for almost all your health problems. For the skin it’s a cleanser, toner and acne curer. It can heal Headache, Migraine, Stomach irritation, Chest pain, Common Cold, Flatulence, Urinary infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe arthritis. The presence of thermogenic agents helps to burn fat, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body and it even treat obesity.

Dried ginger, is one of the three ingredients in the Ayurvedic digestive formula Trikatu

As a Nutrition

During pregnancy and lactation, women are advised to consume dry ginger powder for its subtle taste. Regular consumption of dry ginger in homely recipes trims down the growth of cancerous tumours. Alleviate cough and flatulence by drinking dry ginger powder blended in warm water. With jaggery it serves as traditional cure to jaundice.

Dry Ginger is a spry herb that helps to keep the body healthy through cold and damp conditions, and helps to make many foods more digestible for those with mucus digestive symptoms.

Dried ginger is extremely pungent, a strong medicine that clears congestion by burning it away with spicy strength.

Dried ginger also stokes the digestive fire, aiding those with sluggish digestion, and can act as a stimulant, clearing out the fog.


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