White Pepper (150gm)


White Pepper (150gm)


The word pepper is actually derived from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India which symbolically means energy or pep.



White Pepper – The Peppy Pepper Corn
The world’s most favourite spice that originates from the tropical berries called Piper Nigrum. A milder flavoured spice with more tangy in taste are best used for vegetables, sauces and casseroles. The seafood recipes highly demand white pepper in its ingredients to add more savour and appetite.
Peppers are associated with the family Piperaceae and bear the botanical name Piper Nigrum. It’s indigenous to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India.
The word is actually derived from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India which symbolically means energy or pep.
Pepper berries flourish in vine clusters that climb really tall. On the whole, it produces white, black and green pepper corns.
Peppers are well grown in moist lands and the plants nearby the vines must be removed to avoid vie. Sufficient shade and ventilation should be provided and for dissemination the plant requires cutting 40cms of the vine and tying this to a frame or tree.
The roots of the plant are nurtured on manure and mulch and it should be streamlined every semester. The young plant should be well hosed during the dry season and from the quinary it will bear fruit and continues for a septenary.
Each stem yields about thirty fruiting and it’s time for harvest when the fruit turns red and ripen.
White peppers are actually made from the seed of the plant, once the fruit flesh is already stripped down. When they are ready, the berries are then soaked in water for about eight days. As the flesh has decomposed and softened, it is rubbed or scraped until the seeds come off. The seeds are then dried up until it becomes gray or white and packed as whole or grounded.
Culinary Use
Sprinkles of white pepper preserve the appearance of food. It is opted for blends in white sauce, cream soups, seafood dishes and pure white preparations. It is also good foe marinades, salad dressing, stews, pickling and poached fish.
White pepper offers a tangy and spicy flavour when added to palette. It just spurs the taste buds with sharp taste and pungent aroma.
Health Benefits
The presence of flavonoids and vitamins in white pepper is responsible for its anti-oxidant properties. This makes white pepper a potential fighter against the organisms that might enter the body and harm the cells in it.
White pepper is rich in flavonoids, and Vitamins A, K and C. It contains a large quantity of manganese, iron, and dietary fibres and thus ensures a healthy supply of minerals to the body.
White pepper has low sodium content and contains about 0.2 mg of sodium only. It is therefore ideal for those taking a low sodium diet.
Medicinal Value
White pepper in right proportions is an alternative medicine used to treat digestive & dental issues, diabetes & cataract cure, minor headaches, cough & cold, weight loss, heart problems and even cancer.
Regular consumption of white pepper can cure quite a few skin related issues and ensure having a healthy skin in an easy, reasonable and natural way.
White pepper powder which carries heat generating properties is effective for dandruff cure and revitalization of hair.

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